May Crowning

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On May 19th, 2016 students from SVA participated in the May Crowning ceremony at the St. Virgil Church to celebrate Mary, the Mother of Christ.  Kezia A. crowned the Mother Mary with her attendants, Jenna B. and Noah T.  Eighth Graders, Meghan B., Camilla G., Tonianne P., Olivia G., Renee G., Emily S., and Julianna Y. celebrated with Principal Wallace.  Congratulations to Mrs. Staples and Mrs. Rangel for coordinating a beautiful tribute to Mary.


EARTH DAY - Students planted in our recycled tire planters for Earth Day, 2016.



MORRIS CATHOLIC HS SCIENCE FAIR - Congratulations to Mrs. Decaprio, Camilla, Renee, Tonianne, Scarleth, Kayla, Emily and Kezia!  Our Grade 6 and 8 students entered the Morris Catholic HS Science Expo on April 15, 2016 and presented their "It Takes a City" model which depicts creative alternatives for energy in a to-scale model of Limon Dulce, a coastal village in San Cristobal of the Dominican Republic.   The presentation was awarded 35 out of 36 points, and won the 'HUMANITY AWARD".